The project

It is an important project of Hellenic-Serbian cooperation which was launched – after a ceremony held in the Greek Parliament on the signing of the Cooperation Agreement – on December 19th, 2007.

The European Centre for Byzantine and Post Byzantine Monuments (E.K.B.M.M.) in cooperation with the City Of Belgrade has prepared a conversion plan for the monument into museum- cultural centre dedicated to Rigas Feraios, the history of the Tower and the liberation struggles of the Serbs in general and the Balkan peoples. With this project, Belgrade area is upgraded culturally–environmentally, tourist and financially and the Tower is highlighted as a place of remembrance and honour of an important personality – that of Rigas Feraios – for the Greeks, but also for the friendship and cooperation between peoples of Balkans.

The project was implemented with co-funding:

From Greece

  • Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which provided an important line from Hellenic Aid),
  • Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
  • European Centre for Byzantine and Post Byzantine Monuments (E.K.B.M.M.) and
  • Hellenic Parliament with its crucial material and moral support.

From Serbia

  • City of Belgrade and
  • «Belgrade Fortress»

Within this framework, there were completed and delivered complete technical studies for the project “Revitalization, Conservation and Renewed Utilization of Nebojsa Tower in the Old Part of the City Of Belgrade”, with the assistance of the Faculty of Architecture, of University of Belgrade and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of Serbia, based on which it was carried out the complex task of restoration and new construction, research infrastructure and the serious problem of water encounter, under the supervision of the bilateral scientific Program Council. The realisation of Project was appointed to the Public Enterprise «Belgrade Fortress» of City of Belgrade, which had the responsibility for Belgrade’s Fortress such as commander monument of culture. Alpha MENTOR was the Management Consultant

The restoration works on Nebojsa Tower began in June 2009 and are referred to in detail:

  • Conservation – restoration works and new infrastructure to accommodate visitors was developed.
  • Landscaping so that the monument is accessible to visitors.
  • Infrastructure development for hosting permanent exhibitions at the Tower.
  • Full informative material to promote the Tower as an important new focal point of cultural tourism in the wider Balkan region.

The tower complements the function of a broad cultural unity within the fortress of Belgrade, a very important monument to the wider Balkan region. A remarkable and painstaking collaboration between the two countries successfully completed, at a time where promotion of good practice model is in search. The associated Bodies have undertaken the responsibility to continue supporting the promotion of the project in order to be recognized as a very interesting monument of cultural tourism and a pilot project for rehabilitation and museological applications, incorporating the priorities of organized tourist visits.